10 Gift Ideas For Dad for Father's Day!

10 Gift Ideas For Dad for Father's Day!

Father's Day is that time of year when we show dad some extra love! We have selected some of our customer's favorites that we think your dad will enjoy and appreciate.  So before you go out and purchase him a tie or some socks look at what we have in stock! You'll be glad you stopped by!  

  1. Beard grooming kit - this could include a beard wash, beard oil, beard balm, and beard comb.
  2. Hair clippers - if your dad likes to maintain his own hair or beard, a good pair of clippers could be a great gift. Andis, BaByliss, and Wahl are good brands that will last him a long time.
  3. Hair styling products - whether your dad has short hair or long hair, there are plenty of styling products available from hair gel to pomade to hairspray. Brands like Luster's, Cantu & Proline are popular.
  4. Cologne or aftershave - consider picking up a bottle of your dad's favorite cologne or aftershave. We carry brands like Clubman, and Moonshine etc.
  5. Shaving tools - if your dad prefers a clean-shaven look, consider getting him a new electric razor, a shaving brush, or a set of shaving cream and aftershave.
  6. Hand cream - if your dad works with his hands a lot, a good quality hand cream can help keep his skin moisturized and protected.
  7. Products for Hair & Beard Color - Just for Men, Bigen & Creme of Nature are good to cover grey or enhance hairline and beard.
  8. Foot care products - if your dad spends a lot of time on his feet, he might appreciate some foot care products such as a foot scrub or a foot lotion.
  9. Nail clippers and grooming tools - We will help you could put together a grooming kit with the necessities you need to pamper him.
  10. Facial masks - face masks are not just for women and there are plenty of options that your dad might enjoy trying such as a Shea Moisture mud mask


Stop by our store today and grab a gift for Father's Day!


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Great article. I think I know exactly what to get for my husband!

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