Top Braiders Recommend These Products

Top Braiders Recommend These Products

Ever wondered why some braiding styles looks neat and sleek?  While others look blah!  It’s more than just skill, it’s also about product selection.  Using the right products can make a world of difference as to how your style turns out, and may even speed up the time it takes to get there.  We have put together a list of the top 7 selling braiding products used by professional braiders to help you to take your braiding skills to the next level.

  1. PureO Neat Braid Conditioning Gel -  This conditioning gel is thick, and  good for making straight parts especially when doing stitch braids.  It’s alcohol free, non-sticky formula keeps hair smooth and shiny. Works well with even the tightest curl patterns. Can be used for braids, twists and as an edge gel.
  2. AllDay Locs Braiding Gel – smells great, infused with herbs like lavender, peppermint and sage. Leaves braids looking super shiny, sleek and defined. Holds hair down and keeps it from getting frizzy.  Makes an excellent edge control that lasts all day, less is more. Do not put too much on edges.
  3. Shine N Jam Conditioning Gel Extra Hold – This is one of the original braiding gels that still keeps hair conditioned, shiny and sleek. Gives hair staying power without the stickiness or crunch.  Gives hair a long-lasting polished look. You can’t go wrong!
  4. Ampro Magic Fingers Braiding Foam – Use to tame flyways and frizz. Keeps braids and twists looking neat and sleek.
  5. Vigorol Foaming Mousse – For long lasting hold. This alcohol-free mousse comes in 4 different formulas. Choose one that’s right for you from Olive Oil Mega Moisture, Relaxed Hair, Curl Super Hold with Argan Oil and Maximum Shine Wave.
  6. Carbon Hook Pin Tail Comb - Keep those parts straight with this super sturdy pin tail comb. The hook helps you do precise parting which is necessary for neat looking braids. This comb is also chemical resistant and heat resistant. Built to last you a long time.  Comes in a variety of colors.
  7. Wooden Braiding Rack – No more using the back of a chair to separate your braiding hair. This wooden rack allows you to keep up to 60 pieces of braiding or crochet hair separated and ready for easy pull so you can finish your braiding job faster.  You can use it on a tabletop or mount it to your wall.  It’s just that easy!

These tools and products will help you to build your confidence and style like a pro!

Additional Tips:

  • Always start with a clean hair.
  • When parting the hair, it’s best to start at the nape and work your way up to the crown.
  • Use butterfly clamps or gator clips to help keep sections separated.
  • Use gel and the carbon hook pintail comb to part and additional gel to pull thorough hair to the ends. It will keep braids and twists smooth, frizz free and shiny.
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