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Let vitamin E give your hair the strength it needs with this formula will stimulate hair growth, moisturize the hair, and leave you feeling more confident. It also helps to soften hair and prevent hair fall.

Vitamin E helps to stimulate hair growth by increasing blood flow to the scalp, which encourages growth. Its antioxidants encourage hair growth as well by reducing cell damage. It also helps condition dry, flaky scalps to give you relief from scalp irritation. Shea butter makes hair softer in addition to providing nutrients and moisture. This formula even includes hydrolyzed keratin, which increases the diameter of hair fibers to give your hair a fuller appearance. It also reduces frizz and increases the hair’s ability to retain moisture.

This formula is engineered to improve your hair with all-natural ingredients. The bottle contains a simple to use twist top that lets you direct the oil exactly where you want it to go, making it excellent for getting into the narrow spaces in between braids and locs. If you want longer, stronger, more voluminous hair, this vitamin E hair food is the perfect choice. Made in the USA. 

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