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Ebin New York Majestic Cat 3D Royal

Ebin New York Majestic Cat 3D Royal

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Capture everyone’s attention with our Majestic Cat 3D Lashes. These mega-wispy lashes give triple the volume and length. Each lash measures 25mm in length for an extra dramatic look while still being incredibly lightweight and comfortable.


❤ [ROYAL] Feel like royal with the lash that is elegant and luxurious in style and appearance. Grab the attention fuller voluminous lash that highlights the eyes. 

❤ [25MM XL] 3 times the volume, length and dimension of the regular wonder cat. Hot/cold curl shock technology that will keep the voluminous curl and 3D effect. Even more dramatic mega wispy 3D effect with 3D stack and staggering technique. 

❤ [ULTRA FLUFFY] Exceptionally soft on the eyes but still bring out the fullness and sizzling look. Dominate the crowd with the bodacious lashes. Coherent and thin lash band fits naturally on all eye type. Super soft fine tapered fiber strip to seamlessly blends in with the natural lashes and comfortable wear. 

❤ [FAUX MINK] Vegan friendly and cruelty free, 100 PERCENT real mink style for the fuller and volumes. Texture and feel of real mink to bring out 3D eye effect for the BIGGER, BOLDER, BOSS look. 

❤ [REUSABLE] Can be reused for 30 times with proper care. Easily remove for the future use. Made for multiple use but feels like new every time. 

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