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Ebin Supreme Braid Formula Super Hold

Ebin Supreme Braid Formula Super Hold

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Ebin Braid Formula is a styling product formulated to work on all textures to moisturize maintain and achieve different braiding styles, including braids, Locs, twists, and more. Conditioning gel to soften to improve the workability of the hair to prevent breakage caused by tugging and tightness.

[CONDITIONG GEL] Moisturizing, non-flacking gel that is formulated for braids gel that is formulated for braids, twists, and locs to keep the style in place and flattening down flyaway.

[Holding] Frim hold to achieve different braiding styles and looks that last all day long so you can go about your day without worrying. Nourish your hair with our deep-penetrating moisture and hydration. Lightweight as it is water base which is excellent for styling hair.

[Smooting] Without breakage and irritation but shine to your hair for perfect and on point styles for every events. No more stress about residue or white flakes.

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